What to Expect From Painting Parties:

  • Expect to Relax With Friends!
  • Expect to Surprise Yourself with your Hidden Art Talent!
  • Expect  to receive one-on-one support throughout the night (we'll event paint  on your painting if you'd like or just re-direct if you hit a snag and  ask for help)
  • Expect to Learn a Few Things about Painting from Talented Artists!
  • Expect to Enjoy your Favorite Food and Drink at a Venue You Choose!​
  • Expect to Leave with Your Own Inspired Work of Art!
  • Expect to Be Proud of What You Created!
  • Expect to Have Fun!
  • Expect to Be Excited to Return for a Second & Third Visit!​​


What Painting Parties Brings to the Party:  

Talented Step-by-Step Art Instruction From a Local Artist

 -Paint     - Canvas (16x20, 12x16 or 12x12) or Glassware to Paint    -Table Top  Easels    - Paint Brushes    -Aprons    -Water Cups    -Napkins     -Templates if necessary